Forgotten Realms: Perils of the New Frontier

Session 1

Assault on Loudwater

Goblin Attack:
The Southern wall of Loudwater explodes and a goblins flood in, among the cries of the few villagers on the once busling market sqaure and the war cries of the fanatic goblins; You hear a shamanic leader figure ordering his minions to locate ‘The Totem’.
Newly arrived adventureres in town come to the aid of the civillians, and fight to drive off the goblins whose attack is focused on a shop named ‘Garawans Curiosities.’ Unable to prevent them entering the shop and fleeing with the item they came for, the adventurers threw everything they had at the retreating goblin, felling him before he could escape. The leader of the attack was found to have a note on his person, from a High Shamana Sancossug. The note was instructions for the lesser shaman to lead the attack on Loudwater and locate the Horn Totem. They took the last moments of the goblins life as an oppurtunity to toture him, and the cowardly goblin gave them information about the location of the High Shaman.

Audience with Lady Moonfire:
Crongratulated by the town gaurds they were offered bed and breakfast in the town watch barracks and an audience with the head of town Lady Moonfire in the morning. The adventurers took this time to better introduce themselves to one another, and Garel-Kai was able to offer the others work.

The Sinking Saviour:
Garel-Kai had came in town onboard the ship he had been travelling aboard for the last few months, thought they may be labelled pirates to this point he had no explicit evidence of their criminal activities. The adventurers were instructed to load barrels onto the small row boar of a gruff looking dwarf named Zark. The barrels proved heavy and when one was dropped it split open to reveal and gagged and bound child. Zark isntanlty fled, but was brought down by what could no be considered a party of adventurers. Swining from ropes, and climbing like monkeys a gang of pirates that crewed the Sinking Saviour made their way onto the Dock to attack the party, lead by Leucis, captain of the ship and one time mentor to Garel Kai.

Garel-Kai Vs. Leucis
This was as personal a fight as you can get, the rest of the party dispatched of the crew while Garel-Kai sqaured off with Leucis. Infuraited that he had trusted Leucis he through everything he had at him, only to be caught off gaurd by feints and counter attacks. Garel-Kai on his last legs he began to enter a rage, his elemental manifestation changing to fire and a burst of flames erupting to scorch Leucis who delivered one last counter attack. When the steam clered Leucis was left scroched, vital signs faint, and Garel-Kai cluching his chest, largely wounded but stable.

Gray vale
Loudwater map2



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