Barrow of the Ogre King

1) Goblins assault Loudwater in search of the Horn Totem.

2) The Party with directions taken from a tortured goblin find the goblin barrows beneath a ruined Dwarven fortress.

3) Scrassonug required the Horn Totem as it is the missing horn from the skeleton of the Ogre King, required for the ritual to ressurect him. However lsitening to his rants the party comes to the conslusion the ritual is nonsense.

4) Scarssonug seems less like he is having a villanous monologue and more like he is having a conversation with himself.

4) The Party defeats High Shaman Scarssonug by locking him the sarcophagus of the Ogre King and letting him suffocate. When they opened it back up, they found he was covered in extra sets of eyes and mouths.

Summary: The goblin threat is muted for now, but something else, something more strange and sinister is at play in Grey Vale.

Barrow of the Ogre King

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