Crowgrave 75

Cathedral & Graveyard: Home to the Keep Outcast and the Graveyard attendant, a Flesh Golem named…

NPC Keeper

NPC Flesh Golem

Central. Royal District
Castle CrowGrave: The ruined battlments of the fotress still serve as the outline of the Royal Dsitrict and home to the Council of the King. Also encompassing, the Dark Kings tower, The Hunters Guild and the Elite Barracks.

Beneath the Central Tower slaves captured by the Hunters guild and slums dwellers who step out of bounds are forced to participate in blood sports for the Dark Kings enjoyment. He often “visits” those kept in the prison cells before matches.

NPC Dark King

Slum District: Slum dwellers are in constant competition to secure land to farm, to feed themselves and their families but also to satisfy the harsh taxations of the Dark King.

Storehouse: Protected by a sadistic Sahdar-Kai… who is also tasked (much to his enjoyment) of making examples of slumdwellers who displease the King by not paying their taxes or steal form the storehouse.

NPC Shadar-Kai

Ruined Tower: The bottom floor acts as shelter to livestock and any slum dwellers whose lodgings are inferior even to living among animals. The top floor is constnaltly dis and reassembled as a meeting place for Slum Union meeting.

NPC Head of the Union

NPC Infiltrating Agent

Eastern. Noble District: Home to those in favour of the Dark King. Their stay in these better lodgings are subjest to his erratic moods and their loyalty to him.

Upper Eastern. Market District.
Blackwater Tavern: Drinking hole of those who live in the Noble District, despite their status as nobles most are little better than thugs, deviants or theives. Agents of the Dark King also frequent here and the Dark Pegasus Inn looking for those whose indulgences in their chosen vice go beyond the liking of the Dark King.

NPC Bar Keep

Market Stalls: Basic amenties are avaiable to those who reside in the Noble Dsitrict, slum dwellers are often over charged or out-right refused service. Little in the way of weaponry is available to help secure the Dark Kings rule.

NPC Stall Owners

South-Eastern Gate House: Largely intact the only roaded means into Crowgrave, constantly manned by the town watch, whose barracks are close by.

NPC Head of the town watch

Pegasus Inn: Little more than a brothle; given the unlikely nature that anyone from outside CrowGrave would actually visit the town.

NPC Inn Keep


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