This territory was once part of the Western Heartlands, extending into unclaimed territory. Now, nagas, yuan-ti, and lizardfolk inhabit this monstrous realm. Najara encompasses the eastern reaches of the High Moor, the Serpent Hills, the Forest of Wyrms, the Marsh of Chelimber, and the river valleys that meander through the area. Its center lies in the Serpent Hills. For all its size, the existence of the realm remains a point of debate, because it is not a state or country in the human sense of those terms, the monstrous denizens of the region don’t patrol their borders or carry on any sort of commerce or relations with nearby lands.

It is rumored the first king of Najar he naga Terpenzi, slain by the Shadowking, returned as a powerful undead entity. Though it possesses power equal to that of exarchs, Terpenzi has been enslaved to the will of successive naga kings and bound by a powerful relic.

The reigning King of Snakes is Jarant, who slew the previous king Ebarnaje five years ago in a struggle that put Najara on the map, at least as far as the realms of Elturgard and Evereska are concerned. The short internal civil war that preceded the power change saw great activity among the yuan-ti and lizardfolk of the area. The border nations had clear cause to be concerned that war was mounting from the long-slumbering marshes and hills.

As the King of Snakes, Jarant rules unchallenged, but has not yet issued any edicts setting Najara on a war footing against its neighbors. Other than claiming power for himself against the aged former monarch, Jarant seems content to allow Najara to continue the policy of obscurity that has served the realm so long. Even so, Najara is now widely known, if only as an area of interest to adventuring companies, since it contains ruins of all ages that remain unexplored.

Some yuan-ti in Najara, disillusioned with their god Sseth, turned to the worship of an interloper deity named Zehir. Despite the King of Snakes’ ban on such devotion, the cult of Zehir has become a real, if hidden, force within Najara.

Najara is one of the largest and most potent kingdoms in western Faerûn, though few are aware of that fact. The land is littered with impressive ruins, including ancient serpentfolk strongholds, centuries-abandoned Netherese settlements, and the remnants of the collapsed human kingdom of Boareskyr.


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